Father and Daughter Home Defense Teamwork

Salina, Kansas – A man and his daughter are safe after a man invaded their home last Thursday night.

According to Ron Griffin, who goes by the name “Rodeo,” a man he had never met before kicked in his front door. The unknown man was bleeding from his foot and told Griffin he was running from someone.

Griffin became concerned when the intruder then tried to close the door and lock it.

Griffin and his 12-year-old daughter Macy said they have trained for an emergency like this one, and when her father shouted to her to get his gun, Macy knew what to do.

After his daughter came back with Griffin’s gun, the 63-year-old father, who had recently undergone a quadruple bypass heart surgery, held the intruder at gunpoint until officers could arrive minutes later and take over.

“I (told) him, ‘don’t come any closer this way because I will shoot you,'” Griffin said to KWCH.

His daughter Macy said that her father had trained her for scenarios like the one that happened last Thursday night:

“We kinda always are prepared for these situations, so if these situations ever happen, we’re kind of you know, prepared and ready.”

Griffin said that his daughter reacted well to the tense situation and is glad everything turned out okay.

“You got a 12-year-old daughter in the house, you’re gonna do what you can to protect her,” he said.

Good home defense is planned, prepared and trained for. Talking through a scenario with the whole family helps ensure everyone knows their responsibilities in an intense home defense encounter.

Then, practice the plan with some drills until everyone understands their role and can react fluidly.

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